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Arbitraging is a new cryptocurrency project which is both an ERC-20 token (ARB) and an easy-to-use hosted arbitrage bot that launched publicly on April 15th, 2018. A few highlights about the platform:

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How does this Arbitraging platform work?

Arbitraging is a hosted arbitrage platform powered by an ERC20 cryptocurrency. The platform works like this:

  1. You deposit ETH into your account wallet on the platform from metamask or MEW
  2. You move the ETH to the internal exchange
  3. You exchange the ETH for ARB tokens at current price
  4. You can transfer these ARB tokens into the arbitrage bot (aBot)
  5. Transferring ARB into aBot sells the tokens at their current aBot price (NOT IE price !) for USD.
  6. Every day at 4am UTC, the aBot processes any pending funds to insert into the bot and pays out your cut of the profits from the arbitrage bot in ARB tokens.
  7. Your ARB profits can then be held as ARB, reinvested in aBot or exchanged back to ETH
  8. That's all there is to it! Every day you continue getting paid out between 0.5-1% based on aBot's 24 hour yield.
  9. You can withdraw ARB tokens or any exchanged ETH back to your MEW or metamask wallet anytime.

How do I get started using this?

To get started using Arbitraging, follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase Ethereum
  2. Setup Metamask
  3. Register an Account
  4. Transfer ETH to Wallet
  5. Exchanging ETH to ARB
  6. Activating aBot with ARB
  7. Transfer Profits to Metamask

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